About Bluleadz

Bluleadz is an inbound marketing agency committed to providing outstanding results and ensures client success. Bluleadz was founded in 2009 by CEO Eric Baum, as an SEO, website design and PPC agency.

The company specializes in growing your company’s visibility on the internet, getting you quality leads and converting these leads to customers.

Bluleadz is a HubSpot Diamond Partner that has fully embraced inbound marketing in all its operations. Bluleadz services include; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design, Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) and social media marketing.

With Bluleadz, you get a full range of solutions tailored towards one goal: increasing your business’ conversion.  

Bluleadz boasts of a creative, passionate and innovative team that is fully invested in the client’s success. With Bluleadz inbound marketing agency, the client comes first.

The company’s revenue is estimated to be a turnover of $2.6 M annually.

BluLeadz Mission Statement

  • Bluleadz is committed to helping clients grow their businesses.

Bluleadz is a collaborative, motivated and transparent digital marketing agency that prides itself in genuinely understanding the clients’ needs and applying their expertise to help achieve the client’s business goals using HubSpot and inbound.

BluLeadz Core Values

  • Do the right thing.
  • Treat everyone with respect, honesty, and consideration.
  • Everything we do must be awesome
  • Take ownership/self-motivated/reliable
  • Have passion with a positive “can do” attitude

BluLeadz Contact Information

Physical location: 3030 N. Rocky Point Dr. W., Suite 600, Tampa, Florida 33607

Bluleadz boosts its visibility through several social media channels to further drive engagement and client acquisition through its excellent work portfolio. Bluleadz has a social presence in the following e-media channels:

BluLeadz Awards

BluLeadz: Industries of Specialty:

Bluleadz offers a wide range of services for the following industries: Automotive transport, Banking financial services, Business services general, Construction renovation, Consulting advisory, Data processing hosting, E-commerce, Education, Energy, Finance insurance, Health,  Medical wellness, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Marketing services, Real estate, Recruiting staffing, Shipping, Transportation storage, Technology hardware storage, Technology software, Telecom mobile communications and Tourism travel

BluLeadz Focus Points

Service lines:

  •    Content marketing -40%
  •    Web design- 20%
  •    Conversion optimization- 10%
  •    Digital strategy- 10%
  •    Pay-per-click- 10%
  •    Social media marketing- 10%

Industry focus:

  •    Media – 34%
  •    Advertising and marketing- 33%
  •    Retail- 33%

Languages Bluleadz Supports

  •    English
  •    Spanish

Regions Bluleadz Serves

  •    North America

Bluleadz works with companies with a budget of $5,000+. Bluleadz marketing agency works with high impact clients looking for comprehensive services and solutions and is willing to spend to accomplish their goals.

Bluleadz’s Client Base

Bluleadz has a wide range of clientele with raving positive reviews about their services. Here are some of Bluleadz clients who have immensely benefited from the services offered:


  •    Nextech


  •    Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales
  •    Southern State Enterprises


  •    AVI Networks
  •    RASTRAC
  •    Align
  •    Nextech
  •    Compuquip cybersecurity
  •    LeanIX
  •    Logicpath


  •    Charge back Gurus
  •    Logicpath


  •    Big Think Edge


  •    Western Construction
  •    In The News
  •    Pan Am Leathers
  •    On Point Consulting
  •    Handex Consulting & Remediation (HCR)

BluLeadz Reviews and Testimonials

  1. Nicholas Eberenz, Creative Manager- Nextech: Great Company, delivers award-winning results and fantastic customer service. It is highly recommended as a HubSpot partner.
  2. Andy Kamashian, President, Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales:  Through Bluleadz we were able to develop a strategy to enable us to meet our objectives. Their winning team is committed to the success of the client’s business
  3. Nicoline Perne, Marketing & Demand Gen., AVI Networks: Bluleadz has a very well organized group offering a fast response. Their team is also super organized and very helpful.
  4. Bradley Chazin, President, Western Construction: A very patient team with excellent recommendations on how to grow your website. They also keep you on schedule and are incredibly patient.
  5. Leanne Ramsey, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, logicpath: Highly responsive and knowledgeable team which produces impressive results and created a great web design for our company. Highly recommendable if you are seeking a talented team to implement your inbound strategy and create a magnetic web design.

Bluleadz Reviews:

  • Google reviews- 5-star rating (4 reviews)
  • Hubspot reviews– 5-star rating (43 reviews)

Bluleadz Jobs:

Current Bluleadz job openings include;

Jr. Inbound Marketing Consultant in BluLeadz

As a consultant, you will increase website visitors, leads and customers via inbound marketing. As a Marketing consultant, you will team up with the marketing team where you will learn inbound marketing practices and take over as an account executive for BL. You will need to collaborate with cross function teams of marketers, designers, copywriters, and developers to revive the campaigns.

You will drive and execute digital marketing initiatives to entice new visitors, convert them into leads and as customers to increase the positive ROI of our company.

Front End Website Developer in BluLeadz

As a HubSpot website developer with Bluleadz, you will work on a portfolio of client’s accounts for web design and development. You should be skilled in using the HubSpot CMS platform with extensive skills in design and coding.

Copywriter in BluLeadz

Bluleadz is committed to developing engaging content that helps inbound marketing campaigns. We are searching for passionate and talented copywriters who are open to learning about new industries and writing engaging and helpful content that entices readers at bl we encourage our employees to be collaborative and creative. And we have an open culture more so with marketing agencies.

We enjoy what we do, and it shows! We encourage creativity among our employees and collaboration; our open office plan supports this. We aspire to maintain an open culture in our marketing agency. You can visit our website at for more information on who we are. You will write; blogs, marketing materials, website pages, landing pages, eBooks, emails and newsletters, guides and white papers.

Paid Media Specialist in BluLeadz

At Bluleadz, we develop marketing campaigns that will increase the visibility of our client’s website online and improve their ROI. We seek a talented paid media specialist to successfully manage a client’s paid display accounts through social channels like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

As an agency, we love to have fun while working. Our environment is structured for team works where we encourage everyone to put forward their creativity and work together.

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