IMPACT is committed to ensuring your organization succeeds. Whether it is your sales, marketing, career or business, IMPACT promises results. The agency is rich in resources ranging from; shows, articles, educational material, live events, and consultative agency services to make your professional vision a reality no matter your starting point.

IMPACT agency is exceptionally passionate about what they do because when starting, they learned things the hard way. They have grown from a non-existent and timid company to one of the most trusted inbound online resource that helps many teams grow into renowned brands in their industries.

The agency helps you overcome obstacles when starting and create breakthroughs.

IMPACT was born in 2009 by CEO and founder Bob Ruffolo. IMPACT digital marketing agency has headquarters in Wallingford, CT with 45+ employees in sales, marketing, and creative experts working full-time. IMPACT digital agency has 51-200 employees with an estimated annual revenue of $5.3 M.

The agency became HubSpot diamond partner in 2017 and is also a databox premiere partner with 350,000+ site visitors and 5,000+ new contacts generated each month.

IMPACT is very selective over who makes the team when choosing their employees. They blend seasoned industry experts with young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate and relentless about helping others succeed.

IMPACT focuses on helping people succeed with inbound marketing through events, education and agency services.

IMPACT Mission: help people and their organizations succeed.

IMPACT’s Resources

IMPACT marketing agency has several resources about its company:

Articles– with over 350,000 views monthly, they have valuable materials which are an oasis of knowledge in the basics and latest advancements in inbound marketing, inbound sales, HubSpot and UX/UI design.

Shows, resources and podcasts– IMPACT offers an expansive premium content library of resources to take your learning a step higher. Their resource library rich in webinars, checklists, long-form educational guides, weekly podcasts and templates and is a must-have for anyone seeking to get more advanced with their marketing strategy and campaigns.

IMPACT elite– we’re talking about the sharpest minds in marketing, a buzzing community on Facebook with 700+ leaders asking questions, getting inspired and sharing ideas every day. The conversations, inspirations, and connections are great thanks to elite which is helping members change their perspectives regarding marketing and develop their businesses.

IMPACT live– impact live is an annual gathering of marketing and sales leaders where we meet in person to form meaningful connections, learn from one another and have a great time

Agency services– not bragging but IMPACT boasts of walking the walk when it comes to inbound marketing. IMPACT works side by side with businesses and provides comprehensive agency services including consultation, strategy, implementation, and growth-driven website design and development.

They promise to solve your complex problems and make them simple. Their processes are in-house tested and perfected with tools that make achieving aggressive goals way easier.

IMPACT Agency Values

IMPACT is a value-based organization built on;

  • Passion- love what you do and show it
  • Dependability- know what you need to do and own it
  • Helpfulness- lend a hand where you can

IMPACT Digital Agency Departments

  • Leadership
  • Client services
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Educational products
  • Talent management

IMPACT Agency Specialties

IMPACT offers a variety of services to its clients:

Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, HubSpot management, Business Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Increase Sales, Sales Enablement, Email Marketing, Analytics, and Growth Driven Design, Software development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), branding and  project management.

Contacts of IMPACT

Physical Address:

IMPACT, 8 Fairfield Boulevard

Suite 107, Wallingford, Connecticut 06492 US

+1 (203) 265-4377


Facebook-  with 5,294 followers and 5,782 likes

Linkedin- with 2,420 followers

Twitter-  with 56.6k followers

Instagram- impactbnd/ with 1,111 followers

Youtube-    with 1,052 subscribers

IMPACT Awards & Recognitions

  1. The best place to work award 2017
  2. Best company for women 2017
  3. Best company culture 2017
  4. Best CEOs for women2018
  5. Best company leadership 2018
  6. HubSpot 2017 annual awards partner of the year
  7. Best CEO 2017
  8. Great place to work certified March 2017- March 2018, USA

IMPACT Consumer Target Markets

  • North America
  • EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)

Digital IMPACT agency works with high impact clients with a working budget of $5K+ who are willing to spend for comprehensive services and solutions.

IMPACT Industries of Specialty

  • Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • B2B services
  • SAAS
  • Business consulting
  • Home improvement
  • Senior living

Clients of IMPACT

IMPACT digital agency has a wide variety of clients in different industries:

Business Services:

  • Hoffman Agency- North Haven, CT
  • Force Management- Charlotte, NC
  • Litchfield Builders- Hamden, CT
  • Father & Son Moving and Storage


  • Innovative Management Solutions (IMS)- Plano, TX
  • Advanced Data Systems Corporation- Paramus, NJ
  • ReadyDock Inc- West Hartford, CT
  • Information Technology Group- North Haven, CT

Healthcare & Life Sciences:

  • Joan Landino- North Haven, CT

Agency Reviews & Ratings

IMPACT Client Success Stories


  • Applied educational systems: IMPACT systems and processes help its clients succeed are the best ever seen. With IMPACT, you do not worry about execution. They have excellent systems and methods to keep you on track and help you complete the strategies you built together.



  • Owl Labs: IMPACT provided us with results that exceeded our expectations, and we were able to meet our lead generation goals for the campaign faster than we expected



  • FTP Today: IMPACT has the most impressive sales process and great systems in place throughout their organization



  • FOUR V Systems: We appreciate working with impact because they are attentive to our needs and easily accessible they balance the communication necessary with respect for our calendars to ensure we meet our time frames and exceed our goals. Every member of their team is always well prepared and timely



  • Litchfield Builders, Inc.:  Through impact’s work on our website and their creative marketing strategies we have had a significant impact on our site’s traffic, consultation requests and leads.



  • Advanced Data Systems Corporation: IMPACT has played a vital role in our company’s success. Their ability to provide expertise and guidance for our several marketing programs has boosted our sales and positioned us as thought leaders in our industry.



Paid Media Specialist:

Impact is seeking a paid media specialist to work within a cross-functional team consisting of inbound marketing designers, account managers, and strategists plus support the client’s advertising needs.

As a paid media specialist, you will strategize, monitor and implement effective social advertising campaigns and PPC. Also, you will work closely with strategists and account executives to ensure their paid campaigns are targeting the client’s expectations and goals

Marketing Account Manager:

As an account manager or account executive, you will act as the primary delivery point of contact between 5 to 7 clients. You will liaise between the functional teams working on the client’s account and the client to ensure they deliver on the agreed budget and time frame.

You are required to translate work from strategy to actionable steps using our client tools and project management software. Project manage work assigned on the client accounts, help clients with their team, own the execution of marketing campaigns while achieving the client expectations on agreed period.

Digital Marketing Strategist:

Impact is looking to add client-facing marketer to their team who possess a proven track record for delivering client success, provide our clients with consultation, strategy and assist in implementing marketing deliverables.  

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