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Kuno Creative was founded in 2000 by CEO and founder Chris Knipper. They started as a traditional branding and marketing agency and have since grown into a leader in the digital marketing space with revenue of $1-$5 million per year.

Kuno believes in getting results.  They are a digital marketing agency offering strategies and solutions that grow your business through their able team of innovators.

They are an award-winning inbound marketing agency. For nearly 20 years they have been a trusted partner for mid and large sized companies in both B2C and B2B realms. They capture and convert qualified prospects through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Their innovative in-house team is passionate about creating customized digital experiences that resonate with the client’s audience and encourage customer returns to your business.

This digital agency is passionate about creating customized digital experiences that engage. Their job is to help your company grow.

They exhibit a forward-thinking-solutions-approach where they customize strategies unique to each company’s needs. This approach gives them and their partners an upper edge over their competitors.

Kuno Creative’s work has no boundaries when it comes to solving your challenges. They focus on attracting and converting prospects, decrease customer acquisition costs and shorten your team’s sales cycle. They work extremely hard to meet your goals.

Kuno’s value lies in their people. They are a diverse team with distinctly different backgrounds but share one goal: they are passionate about setting and achieving goals through working with clients who are committed to making the world a better place.

Core values of Kuno Creative:


  • Teamwork


Exceed expectations. Collaborate. Build relationships. Help each person to reach their fullest potential.


  • Proactive


Advocate for clients. Share success. Innovate. Take the initiative.


  • Ownership


Earn respect. Take interest. Analyze actions to improve. Deliver quality. Take pride in your work.

Services Offered by Kuno Creative:

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is their forward-thinking solutions-oriented approach.  From brand strategy to SEO to demand generation and beyond gives them and their clients an added advantage.

Demand Generation

Kuno uses an integrated approach of social media, pay per click, and programmatic advertising to spearhead demand and to optimize the quality and quantity of leads gushing through your pipeline.

Brand Experience

Their highly skilled and innovative team applies a blend of philosophies drawn from data and relying equally on user experience best practices to provide you with intense digital experiences that resonate with your target audiences.

Inbound Sales and Enablement

Kuno’s mission is to get your team involved with leads early enough to provide their information as they proceed through the buyer’s journey. This is important to help your team identify and qualify the highest probability leads.

Why Kuno Creative?

Kuno delivers measurable value based on goals and results. Their in-house team of brand journalists, inbound marketing consultants, graphic designers, experts, demand generation experts, and web developers are passionate and knowledgeable.

And together their digital marketing capabilities and creativity are amplified.  Their team helps you achieve your goals and produce results.

Kuno Creative Case Studies & Results:

Kuno Creative is all invested in digital marketing that creates loyal customers for their clients’ businesses. They help companies to build a strong foundation through a blend of marketing tactics used across all platforms to deliver the most exceptional results.




– Orchid care blog views +33% growing to 2.3 million.

– Website traffic +17% to 2.7 million.




-16% increase in website contacts.

-103% increase in leads.

-41% increase in marketing qualified leads.




-Increased website traffic by 164% while decreasing the cost per conversion.

-Increase in conversions from 116 to 1,882 in 6 months through Google Adwords.




– 283% increase in conversions.

– $30,000 potential revenue per sale




– 3.82% click-through rate.

– 18.72% conversion rate.

– 1,245 request quotes.

Kuno Creative Inbound Partnerships:

Kuno has a long established relationship with companies in the following sectors:

  • Tech Marketing
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Renewable energy Marketing

Kuno Creative Specialties:

Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing, Capture Sales Leads, Marketing Strategy, Reduce Length of Sales Cycle, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, HubSpot Design, Enterprise Inbound Marketing, Enterprise Lead Nurturing, and Demand Generation.

Kuno Creative Pricing:

Kuno doesn’t believe in bundling predetermined services in a package for a preset amount. They understand that each client’s needs are unique.

And so they customize each marketing programs to cater to their client’s goals and challenges, overall budget, timing requirements, and internal resources.

Their fees range between $7,500 and $20,000 per month plus a budget for paid media advertising. For this amount, you get comprehensive services of their entire team including a brand journalist, a consultant, designer, demand generation expert and journalist.

They typically work with B2B and B2C companies with $50 million + in annual revenue and a digital marketing budget minimum $250,000.

Kuno Creative Blog:

This digital agency’s blog is a richly sourced knowledge center platform with content on the following interests:

  • Account-based Marketing
  • CMS Platforms
  • AI Marketing
  • HubSpot ROI
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Value Proposition
  • PPC marketing

Kuno Creative Accolades:

Kuno is proud to be honored for their results and more so deliver significant results for their customers.

  1. Google premier partners
  2. HubSpot diamond partners
  3. HubSpot partner of the year
  4. HubSpot 3-time happiest client winner
  5. Facebook marketing partners
  6. SEMrush Partner Agency

Focus Lines of Kuno Creative Digital Agency

Kuno Creative Service Lines:

  • Content Marketing- 45%
  • Web Design- 20%
  • Search Engine Optimization- 15%
  • Conversion Optimization-10%
  • Digital Strategy- 10%

Kuno Creative Client Focus:

  • Midmarket ($10M- $1B)- 60%
  • Enterprise (>$1B)- 30%
  • Small Business (˂$10M)- 10%

Kuno Creative Industry Focus:

  • Advertising and marketing – 20%
  • Business services- 20%
  • Healthcare and medical- 20%
  • Information technology- 20%
  • Manufacturing- 20%

Kuno Creative SEO:

  • Content development- 45%
  • On-site optimization- 30%
  • Link earning and development- 25%

Kuno Creative Contact Information

Kuno Creative location;

Kuno Creative

36901 American Way, Suite 2A

Avon, OH 44011

Kuno Creative phone: +1.800.303.0806


Website- www.kunocreative.com   

Facebook- https://web.facebook.com/kunocreative/?_rdc=1&_rdr with 7,701 followers.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/company/kuno-creative/ with 2,345 followers

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kunocreative/?hl=en with 1,521 followers

Twitter Kuno Creative- https://twitter.com/kuno with 19.2K followers

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamkogi6SflVkO7UuX-iRPg with 543 subscribers

Kuno Creative Regions of Interest:

North America

Languages Supported by Kuno Creative:


Clients of Kuno Creative:

  • BarkerGilmore
  • Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio
  • Microsol Resources
  • NeoStream Technologies
  • Fujifilm Australia
  • Magruder Hospital
  • Singer Valve
  • Classbook.com
  • IMARC Research
  • Invacare
  • Blackline Safety

Kuno Creative Client Testimonials:


  • Catherine Seitz, Brand Experience Officer- MiddletonRaines + Zapata, LLP.


Kuno Creative delivered exceptional design capabilities, project management, and strategic thought. Their team addressed issues from big-picture thinking to tiny details- issues I didn’t even realize I had with past service providers.


  • Bob Barker, Managing Partner, Barker Gilmore.


Through our partnership with Kuno to implement an inbound marketing program for our organization, Kuno developed and optimized our website on the HubSpot COS and provided us with inbound marketing services.

Their team was more than capable of creating content for our eBooks and blogs that reflected on our messaging and brand. Through Kuno Creative, we have increased our leads and brand awareness in our engagements. I would highly recommend them.


  • Emma Flesher, Communications and Marketing Specialist- Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio.


Working with Kuno Creative was a positive experience for us from start to finish. Their thoughtful and talented team was thorough, highly organized and responsive to our needs during the process.

Not only did we have excellent feedback both internally and externally but we were also way ahead of schedule and had great success as well. We couldn’t have achieved all these without partnering with Kuno.


  • Tiffany Rivers, Director of Marketing, iOFFICE


Kuno is super amazing! Kuno has the edge over other companies they are attentive to details, amassed a depth of knowledge and spot-on content writing. Having Kuno as a partner is the best decision you will ever make if you want to grow your leads.


  • Chris Maroulakos, Director of Operations- Language Translation, Inc.


Kuno Creative has no weak links. The team involved in redesigning our website was entirely made up of experts in their field, they are willing to go the extra mile and highly responsive. Throughout the redesign process we never for a moment doubted that we were in safe hands. Their level of commitment is unparalleled, and the results speak for themselves. The redesigned website is a stunner- its modern, sleek, engaging and one of the best sites in our industry.


  • Anna Liza Montenegro, Director of Marketing  – Microsol Resources


We are definitely in love with the way our website is headed. Kuno’s team design was brilliant, beautifully implemented and well-thought out. Their project management, team’s organization, and communication during the entire process was top notch.


  • Toby Davis, Fujifilm Australia


It was a pleasure working with Kuno across various content marketing, paid social media campaigns and inbound to help drive demand for our services and products. Their team creates an exceptional agency-client synergy and are very pleasant. They have a diverse team that is experienced in their respective fields and are proactively devising effective strategies that benefit our business.

Kuno Creative Client Reviews:

  • Clutch.co– 4.8/5 (2 reviews)
  • G2crowd – 3.5/5 (1 review)
  • Featuredcustomers– 4.8/5 (215 reviews: 4.8/5- Testimonials (111 ratings), 4.7/5- case studies (109 rating)
  • HubSpot– 5 star rating (61 reviews)

Kuno Creative Employee Reviews:

  • Glassdoor-4.7/5 (10 reviews) with 100% recommending to a friend and 100% approve CEO rating
  • Indeed – 3.0/5 (2 reviews)

Kuno Creative Salaries:

Kuno Creative glassdoor employee salary is as follows:

  • Brand journalist: $41K-$44K
  • Sales associate: $43K-$47K
  • Social Media Manager: $37K-$40K
  • Project manager: $38K-$52K
  • Senior consultant: $56K-$61K
  • Multimedia producer: $49K- $54K
  • Front-end web developer – hourly: $15-$16
  • Employee-hourly: $14-$16

Careers at Kuno Creative:

At Kuno having a passion for your work is a must-have. They nurture talent and give opportunities. They expect all their employees to go above and beyond the standards and celebrate every individual’s success. Kuno believes in creating a digital marketing agency where people aspire to work.


  • .Digital Design Intern- Paid Internship, Cleveland, Ohio.


The digital design intern will work closely and collaborate with senior staff. Kuno will expose you to all aspects of the design process: research, design, documentation and user testing.  The intern will work closely with content writers, a design lead, and consultants to design digital pieces in social media advertising, marketing campaigns, provide support for advanced content pieces and site design strategies.


  • Inbound marketing consultant, Cleveland, Ohio.


Do you advance by creating success? Kuno Creative is seeking a strategic mind with an in-depth marketing background and familiar with the HubSpot platform.  In exchange for your expertise, Kuno promises to compensate you as you continuously create success for your accounts.

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