Post-Download Asset Tracking as Part of a Content Marketing Strategy

Post-Download Asset Tracking as Part of a Content Marketing Strategy

Imagine if you had written an eBook and someone read the whole of it. How much would that be worth to you? Not much, right? While you may have had a connection established through that read, there would still be no information in your possession to help you make contact with that potential buyer once you release another eBook. You would have absolutely no information that could guide you on how to interact with that person because you have not set up working asset tracking protocols.

In contrast, an author who has set up such protocols would have a better chance of making a sale from someone who has interacted with any of his eBooks in the past. The example above explains why businesses need asset tracking software as part of their marketing strategy.

For instance, many use the interface of TrackAbout asset tracking software to keep up with how their assets are doing and what business they can make based on the interactions of these assets with their potential customers.

Asset tracking is extremely important in any workable content marketing strategy. For websites, persuading one person to download a piece of content you have created and fill out a form in the process is quite a battle. Yet, this is only part of a bigger war.

By creating great content that many people are happy to consume as well as engage with will build the trust that exists between your brand and those consumers. As trust between the two entities grows, so does the consumption of more content as well as conversions of those potential customers into real ones.

Available research indicates that prospects consuming more content for every click are more sales ready than other prospects by up to 2.4 times. The sad thing about this is that most of the software available in the marketplace does little to track content after it is downloaded. All the same, there are ways you can circumvent such shortcomings and get this important data to improve your content strategy.

Why should you do post-download asset tracking?

Post download asset tracking helps marketers understand what their visitors are reading and at what point of content consumption does boredom strike. Asset tracking has never been easy, and this may perhaps partly explain why most marketers limit themselves to these metrics:

  • Website visits/traffic – 63% of marketers use this metric
  • Downloads/views – 59% of marketers use this metric
  • Quantity of leads – 42% of marketers use this metric
  • Quality of leads – 39% of marketers use this metric
  • Sharing on social networks – 36% of marketers use this metric

While all the above metrics are important and have their place in content marketing, failing to include a metric that would measure consumption after downloads mean the marketers’ numbers may to somewhat be inaccurate. Of what use are social shares, for example, if people only share your content without reading it?

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