Redesigning Your Website for Conversion Optimization

Redesigning Your Website for Conversion Optimization

As new, innovative ways of designing websites are invented, it becomes increasingly necessary to make changes to your website. A website that once looked stunning and up to date can overtime become disheveled and in need of a redesign. While your in-house designers may have been punching out some sections and adding some more, there comes a time when a total overhaul of the website is necessary if the website is to continue serving your business conversion needs with the same effectiveness it has in the past.

Your website is the true face of your business online and is the first platform through which many new customers interact with your brand. Failure to invest accordingly in your website could mark the beginning of the dousing of the profits you’ve been making over the web. Indeed, available research indicates that the first time a user visits your website is extremely important because it becomes the basis on which they will judge your brand moving forward.

A Stanford research report on web credibility found that 75% of people who will visit your website will make judgments about the credibility of your company based on your website’s design. Therefore, it is important that your website stays updated not just with content, but with innovative and user-friendly design tweaks that give your business a competitive edge. What are some of the signs that it is time to give your website a complete redesign? Consider the following:

The site is no longer ranking well on Google and other search engines

As search engines like Google update their search algorithms, you may find that your site no longer ranks as well as it used to. This is typically an indicator of dated SEO. Your once SEO friendly website may have fallen out of favor with the search engines based on the changes made to their algorithms. The good news is that it is likely that you can get back to Google’s good books by a basic website redesign.

A Poor experience for the website visitors

All websites are designed primary for the end user. If the end user is having a hard time navigating your website, then the website design needs redesigning, regardless of how much you like the existing design. For instance, a website whose pages sprawls around the site in an unorganized fashion will only confuse users and present them with a bad experience. Therefore, it is good to keep up with the new trends in web design so that you can learn the new ways web designers are optimizing websites for the most satisfying experience for everyone who visits the sites they design.

Your website was built with flash

If your website has been around for a longer time than most, then it probably was built with flash. There was a time when flash was awfully popular with many web designers. Today, it is considered an outdated phenomenon that few designers would have the slightest interest in it. Today, flash is not supported by the most widely used mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. What’s more, all the major search engines have rendered it unreadable, meaning that continued use of flash would place your website at a significant SEO disadvantage.

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