Marketing Software Reviews


HubSpot is a marketing platform that utilizes inbound marketing software which helps businesses increase their client-base. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing enables the businesses to avail themselves of their clients and ‘get found’ easily by potential customers.


MailChimp is a platform that enables small businesses to automate their marketing functions at a cheaper rate through the email. With MailChimp, marketing automation serves multiple significant services that lead to the success of small businesses.


Marketo was established in 2006 by software executives B2C, over the years the software has been the leading provider of marketing and lead management software solutions. By 2013, Marketo had over 23,000 user subscribers from various industries such as healthcare, large marketing enterprises, and technology companies.


Pardot is a B2B lead management and automation software that Salesforce. With Pardot, enterprises can accelerate sales pipelines, increase revenues, as well as align marketing and sales. Seamlessly track site activities from downloads to page view for scoring prospects using custom-defined parameters.


PushAd is an AI-powered application that supports the segmentation, management, and automation of communication with your users via push notifications. The tool seamlessly facilitates the automation of triggers, product feeds, and cart retrieval processes using push technology.


A web-based marketing platform that aims at providing you with marketing solutions by aligning sales and marketing campaigns hence driving demand, increasing sales and growing revenue for your business. CallidusCloud focuses on customers’ behavior and interests.


Informz is a cloud-based marketing software under High Logic Company. It is a number one provider of email marketing and marketing automation solutions for small businesses and big enterprises. Informz offers a variety of products and services that suit your marketing needs.


Integrate provides on-demand orchestration software which lets marketers automate top-of-the-funnel marketing activities. Its product, Integrate, works along with marketing automation, CRM, ABMs, and prediction software to create comprehensive demand marketing engines.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor (CM) is a web-based application for creating and managing email marketing campaigns. With Campaign Monitor, companies can design personalized newsletters targeting their prospects and fans. Besides that, CM helps marketers optimize their email campaigns.


Salesforce is a digital marketing platform that utilizes cloud-based applications for sales marketing purposes and service marketing. The software focuses mainly on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and provides marketing applications on social interactions.


Sender is an email marketing platform designed to ease e-commerce activities such as sending email marketing campaigns. Sender offers a variety of features that facilitate revenue increase on your business; further, the features are easily interwoven hence allowing the user to effortlessly create emails.


AWeber is a leading marketing platform designed with exceptional autoresponder tools that facilitate user engagement and efficient customer interaction. AWeber further provides marketing solutions through unconventional integration with top marketing and customer interactions software such as Zendesk and Salesforce.

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