Hubspot ReviewHubSpot is a marketing platform that utilizes inbound marketing software which helps businesses increase their client-base. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing enables the businesses to avail themselves of their clients and ‘get found’ easily by potential customers.

HubSpot Pros

  • Inbound marketing – this is a type of marketing that aims at attracting customers by providing relevant content that adds value to every stage of the customers purchasing journey. HubSpot ensures that your potential customers will get to you via social media platforms, search engines and blogs by the use of inbound marketing.
  • Increase customers traffic – at HubSpot your business will get a wide range of clientele through their Ad software. The software enables listing of ads that target your audience and enable HubSpot to track the ROI of your Google or Facebook automatically.
  • HubSpot provides businesses with a chance to learn how to use their product through tutorials available on the website, it also facilitates marketing organization and sales emails on the website. In addition, HubSpot provides a variety of tools enabling businesses to grow.
  • HubSpot software is user-friendly – HubSpot has designed super user-friendly website. Small businesses and large enterprises are able to use the software without any required expertise on coding, unlike other marketing software firms which use extensive coding-based systems.
  • Free trial – HubSpot offers a 7 day free trial for their client. A variety of marketing software firm does not offer a chance to their customers for the purpose of reviewing and testing the software. In the case of HubSpot, you will have a 7-day free trial which will help you weigh the credibility and the relevance of the software to your marketing needs.

HubSpot Cons

  • Payments for technical support – HubSpot requires you to pay for any technical support you need.
  • 12-month subscription – in HubSpot you will need to subscribe for the service annually by default. You can’t withdraw before the end of 12 months. However, HubSpot’s incredible products will give you a reason to stay and enjoy your optimized marketing operations for more than one year.
  • Not fully unique – HubSpot products are available in other platforms, I agree that their tools are well designed but you might have an option from a variety of other marketing software if one thing does not satisfy you in HubSpot.
  • Overall HubSpot is an amazing software its products are the ‘go for’ products for any business, but advanced features such as A/B testing of workflows which is offered at a considerably higher fee hinder them from receiving customers who own small businesses.

HubSpot Review

Most of the HubSpot reviews in 2018 show that small business customers were satisfied and recommended HubSpot for other small businesses. In addition, it indicates HubSpot has become extremely popular than other marketing software providers. The reviews positioned HubSpot ahead of marketing platforms such as Infusionsoft who are known leaders in the field of software marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Review

When it comes to marketing HubSpot is the best platform since it is designed with all essential tools for small businesses that are struggling with marketing operations. Here are HubSpot marketing reviews which will profoundly explain why you should choose HubSpot as your number one software.

  • Marketing on social media platforms and mobile – HubSpot enables you to market your products on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. HubSpot number one priority is to help you ‘get found’ easily; you can customize your messages and gain yourself substantial leads that might be potential prospects. Among the tools HubSpot provide are contact database; you are able to create contacts, see them and write customized messages on each contact, another feature that sounds interesting is easy access to scheduling.
  • Customized marketing – you can create your own content according to your specifications and design your own workflows. The personalized mode of marketing enables you to prepare the content by your own desired rules, probably the most interesting part of this feature.
  • Availability – Despite the fact that technical support is charged. The Hubspot website is always open 24/7 to assist you with your marketing needs. Professionalism and reliability are one of HubSpot’s key concerns to their customers. They are also available on emails, live chats or phone call. The details of their contact are posted on their website.
  • Affordability – HubSpot’s price structure is one of the factors that attract the customers, not to mention their products. First, there is the 7-day free trial which is not constantly available on other competing marketing software firms. Here is HubSpot pricing structure and related features:
Basic $200/month Pro $800/month Enterprise $2,400/month
Features 100 contacts 1000 contacts 10,000 contacts
Content creation tools Basic plan Pro plan
Content optimization Marketing automation Revenue reporting
Email marketing Goal-based nurturing Custom even reporting
Social media suite Custom workflows Custom event automation triggers
Marketing analytics dashboard Salesforce integration Predictive lead scoring
Smart content Contacts reporting
Attribution reporting Company reporting
User Roles Event based-segmentation
A/B testing CTAs
A/B test emails

Using HubSpot

Customer satisfaction is one of the basic things you experience while using HubSpot. The software provides a packaged ready to use marketing platform with an impressive user experience. You just required to create an account, follow the procedure, provide the required personal details and customize your content, it is that easy. After doing so you can now access the contact database and create traffic. Consequently, you can now analyze your overall market performance.

HubSpot Limitations

However, there are some prevailing HubSpot limitations that cannot be left untouched

  • HubSpot limits tagging of individuals on social media platforms. The software only allows tagging of company pages. A business owner might need to tag a certain individual and congratulate or thank them for their contributions. This feature should be included in order to maximize the interaction between business owners and individuals, not just companies.
  • Other marketing software has plenty of features on the SEO. HubSpot could have added some features to the SEO just to sweeten up the deal; however, the available features are contributing a lot and serve a great purpose on the overall performance of the business.
  • To some businesses, the cost of the enterprise is a bit strenuous and small businesses might find it hard to afford. HubSpot can lower the fee to consider the small businesses since most of them can only afford the two stages i.e. basic and pro, therefore, denying them an opportunity to enjoy most important features on the Enterprise stage.

HubSpot Weaknesses

Some of HubSpot weaknesses are inclusivity of fees on technical support. I personally think that technical support should be provided free at any stage. This is because whoever is begging for help, with no doubt he/ she want to use the service but is stuck. Therefore,  by charging him with technical support, he might abort his plan of using the software and shift to another software that does not charge on support.

HubSpot Benefits

There are incredible benefits of HubSpot,  reporting is one of the most precious things that motivates business owners, it is just like feedbacks from clients. HubSpot software enables you to get reports that help you focus on your product according to the customer’s specifications on the adjustments of the product. Through social media platforms, customers are able to get back to you easily and communicate their concerns about your products, this gives you a chance to makes adjustments to the product.

HubSpot CRM Pros

  • The best thing with HubSpot CRM is that there are no strenuous tasks needed for you to integrate databases, HubSpot allows you to use the same database as a marketing platform. Changing database can take a long time and requires some basic set of skills, with HubSpot that task is eliminated in shifting from marketing to sales; this is simply one of the amazing HubSpot CRM pros which gives customers simplicity and makes the software user-friendly.
  • Customizing your content – HubSpot CRMs allow you to customize your messages and personalize them according to your own design and specifications. You simply create a content profile that fits your brand. In this way, you will be able to readjust your product and provide your customers what they need.

HubSpot CRM Cons

  • HubSpot CRM is built for small businesses, large companies and enterprises might need a more advanced CRM that provides them with features that fit their extensive marketing needs. Although the software team might be planning to advance and engage more features on the CRM, they should include features that cater to extensive marketing operations.
  • HubSpot CRM con that is a concern to most of the business owners is that the software feature only allows a person to just send email to one recipient. There are no multiple recipients or CC. Most of the businesses send multiple messages on email in order to avoid the task of writing the same thing over and over, in addition, when using a phone dialer and maybe want to shift to another tab in the web browser, the phone gets dropped the moment you click off the phone call tab.

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