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Exceptional marketing software that implements marketing automation to help customers learn about products, enhance customer interaction and increase revenue by targeting sales to potential clients at the right time.

Marketo was established in 2006 by software executives B2C, over the years the software has been the leading provider of marketing and lead management software solutions. By 2013, Marketo had over 23,000 user subscribers from various industries such as healthcare, large marketing enterprises, and technology companies. Marketo primary goal is to provide a lasting solution to the marketer’s challenges; the team is committed to creating a world where marketing accountability is improved using a simple easy to use software with a variety of tools that serve both your business and your clients.

Marketo software firm has worked with various companies that have recommended it as a provider of all their marketing solutions, companies such as CA Technologies, Charles Schwab, Century link and Panasonic among others.

Marketo Benefits

  • Marketo analytics – the success path analyzer helps track your marketing strategies and at the same time changes your revenue. This is undeniably one of the stunning benefits of Marketo, it further helps you grow your business by giving you the ability to track your marketing operations and revenue changes, furthermore tracking of campaigns and pulling reports is made faster and easier.
  • Tailor-made solutions – at Marketo you will enjoy custom-made solutions that will fit your brand and your proposed budget. You simply get suitable solutions that align with your desired approach according to your marketing system regardless you own a small business or a large enterprise.
  • Product flexibility – Marketo’s products are designed to strategically grow your company in a systematic way. Their products arrangement is  as follows:

i. Marketing automation
ii. Account-based marketing
iii. Customized marketing
iv. Marketing management

  • Pricing structure – Marketo cares for all levels of businesses. Their pricing structure accommodates a growing business, a medium-sized company or large companies. Your budget will determine your suitable plan. Every plan comes with amazing features tailored to grow your business and increase your client base.
  • Account-based marketing – with this product Marketo will help your business to identify and target accounts with considerable revenue potential and further engage them to be part of your clients. This product benefits your company by boosting the company’s success through revenue maximization.
  • Customer satisfaction – Every customer wants a product or service that will satisfy his/her needs. Marketing is very vital operations of every business. You definitely want your business to utilize a marketing strategy that is productive and efficient. This is where Marketo comes in to ensure that your customers are 100% satisfied with your products. In Marketo customer satisfaction is achieved by evaluation of your marketing performance, you can, therefore, improve or adjust on your product according to your performance metrics and ensure that you provide your customers a suitable product. Companies that have worked with Marketo such as CA Technologies, Century Link, and Charles Schwab have experienced undivided customer satisfaction.
  • High-quality customer and community support – Marketo support experts provide excellent services on personalized guidance and technical assistance, you can also enjoy expert consulting services and get reliable marketing advice. The community is also catered for with provision of education and offering of training on marketing skills.

Marketo Pros

  • Easy to use – Marketo software setup is straightforward. A basic knowledge of how to use a word processor is the only skill required to use Marketo email marketing tool. Moreover, the entire software works on any device simple and fast. You can access all the features that are needed for your marketing activities without struggling.
  • Exemplary Customer support – Marketo customer support is one of a kind. Their recently launched Chat support has increased the customers’ level of satisfaction and reliability. The team is devoted to delivering satisfactory customer service. In addition, Marketo is planning on enhancing customer service by introducing personalized support, in so doing the customers will interact directly with the service providers via phone calls or chats.
  • Excellent Salesforce integration – Marketo software marketing tools help businesses connect and access information from their clients. You can easily sync data between Salesforce and Marketo. This has seen Marketo gain over 300 integrations with other platforms.
  • Outstanding reporting on emails – using Marketo on my business gave me an impressive experience on email reports, due to their compatibility with devices such as mobile phones and laptops I was able to receive and access instant customer feedbacks.
  • Reliability – I admired Marketo’s steadfastness in their support team, the team instantaneously responds to you in case of any challenge. Marketo values transparency in their activities, their website tells it all because they share every activity from securing the customer’s data to their present performance. Additionally, the email delivery is remarkable.
  • Success path Analyzer system – this is one of the best features that will help grow and elevate your business. The feature enables the small and big business to track and analyze their marketing operations, therefore, maximizing the results.

Marketo Cons

  • Improvements in reporting and analytics. Despite this being one of the best features of my business it is quite complicated for a beginner.
  • Coding skills are required in some parts thus making it difficult to use. A lot of people are not conversant with basic coding language.
  • Landing page and email designing can be a bit difficult to use. However, I appreciate the effort made to improve it but there is still more advancements needed to make it user-friendly.

Marketo Issues

  • On November 21st, 2017 Marketo suffered a major interruption and its services went down for some hours, the interruption was blamed on firewall issues however immediately after the occurrence the software began a recovery process and switched back to its usual operations. The outage was a major blow to most marketers especially in the U.S but the Marketo CEO Steve Lucas apologized for the unexpected occurrence.
  • Early 2017 Marketo experienced yet another kickback, their website failed to operate this was caused by the company’s failure to renew their domain, the issues were solved by a customer who is a domain expert.
  • Marketo’s issues on failing to renew their domain were blamed on the marketing team.

Marketo Integration

  • Marketo integration CRM has intercepted with a platform that enables application development and sales force automation. Synching the Salesforce platform is automatic and does not involve additional field mapping or administrative operations. However, Marketo is also integrated with packaged systems which include platforms such as NetSuite, Oracle CRM on Demand, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • A variety of actions and central operations such as lead scoring can be executed from CRM data changes, personalization and customizing of email messages can be executed with CRM account in order to increase targeted customers hence increasing the revenue.
  • The other action that Marketo CRM enables is the configuration to transfer sales-ready leads as determined by achieving the lead score limits to sales representatives and email notifications to the salesperson. In addition, you can receive notifications on your mobile home or on the Salesforce automation activity page.
  • With Marketo integration you are able to perform custom configurations – this CRM integration feature allows you to compose your own configuration according to your requirements.

Using Marketo

  • Marketo software usage is easy; first, it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and mobile Apps among other browsers. You are able to operate sending emails and receiving reports with Marketo software on your phone.
  • Among the Marketo’s software tools, a variety of the tools enables you to clean and maintain your data it further keeps your data intact and clean with semi-automated lead deduplication and merging processes.
  • Email marketing at Marketo is an amazing aspect accompanied by various user features one of them include the ability to create email and landing pages with the visual editor for templates, this is a direct user-friendly action that does not need any skills. For the people with computer skills in C++, you can import the text using HTML.
  • On pricing, Marketo offers a variety of combinations, the plans comprise of lead management plans, email marketing, consumer marketing, and customer based marketing, mobile, and marketing. Each with different features and benefits that will satisfy your marketing needs either a small or large business.
  • Using Marketo A/B testing feature, you are able to review your content and your flow in your emails and your landing pages. However, A/B testing is not available on any other platforms.
  • The automated Marketo reporting is focused on revenue performance management this factor enables your business to strategize its operations hence the reports are about marketing sales and sales management performance, in addition, the analyze your reporting on leads, campaign, and overall marketing performance.
  • You can also enjoy using Marketo community and customer support that provides quality customer service and provides training on marketing skills.
  • Using Marketo provides an easy to use data import tool; however, the data is importable in CSV format.

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