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Awebdesk Email Marketer

Awebdesk Email Marketer is a comprehensive email marketing and communications solution. With it, you can create, send, and track marketing emails, newsletters, and campaigns. Use Awebdesk Marketer to easily create email layouts, set up ads, send emails, manage contacts, and build marketing content.


OutboundEngine is one of the leading and diversely applied email marketing software that is effective in sending email campaigns as email blasts to your targeted customers. It has one of the most flexible marketing applications as it accommodates different fields of businesses.

Ennect Mail

Ennect mail is an email marketing software that enables business easily come up with effective email marketing campaigns and monitor their performance across the targeted audience. Ennect Mail goes ahead to enable businesses run their firm's operations by providing solutions in relation to specific business events. is an email marketing solution that offers both B2B and B2C companies the ability to create and send relevant customer interaction content. It connects email marketers with mobile device users as well as enabling the sending of all types of content across different end-user platforms.


Proofy is a solution that confirms if email addresses are valid using validation of domains, processing in real time, and through the deduplication of emails. It ensures that your email lists are substantial.


TouchBaseMail is an email-marketing tool that gives clients a chance to touch base with their own subscribers. Learn more about TouchBaseMail pros & cons, features, pricing, and more.


MailZak is an email marketing application that powers marketing campaign providing much-needed campaign creation, sending, and design tools. Learn more about MailZak pros & cons, capabilities and how to use it.


LeadIQ lets you manage, track and automate sales functions. Learn more about LeadIQ - Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Verdict.


LeadSparrow is a cost-effective and simple to use email-marketing platform. Learn more about LeadSparrow - Pros & Cons, Features and Capabilities, Pricing, and Verdict.


Interakt is a cloud-based CRM for use by all sizes of businesses across varying industry niches. Learn more about Interakt - Pros & Cons, Features and Capabilities, Pricing, and even more.


ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics. Learn more about the pros and cons of ClickDimensions.

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