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PushAd is an AI-powered application that supports the segmentation, management, and automation of communication with your users via push notifications. The tool seamlessly facilitates the automation of triggers, product feeds, and cart retrieval processes using push technology. PushAd offers features such as campaign analytics, abandoned cart tracking, a notification wizard, A/B testing, messages tracking, and scheduling among others. With PushAd, marketers can successfully engage with consumers to increase and drive sales.

PushAd lets marketers define notifications that inform customers of new products, retake control of abandoned shopping carts, as well as motivate consumers. Its notification wizard lets users create custom graphical notifications, edit content, and implement UTM codes. Besides, users can preview how push notifications will look across different desktop and mobile browsers. Also, with PushAd you can create banners and messages that link to URLs as well as use A/B testing to analyze message efficiency.

PushAd’s analytics dashboard lets you generate reporting metrics such as the number of subscribers, successfully delivered notifications, and campaign effectiveness. PushAd relies on AI for big data analysis to generate recommendations for determining the optimal times for sending messages. And based on the provided data, users can schedule notifications.

PushAd Pros

  • Send Feature-Rich and Interactive Content: with this tool, you can create media-rich push messages using interactive media. PushAd lets you integrate links, gifs, videos, and images in your push notifications easily. As mentioned previously, its WYSIWYG editor lets you preview your messages before sending them to your users.
  • Obtain Useful Insights into Consumer Behavior: PushAd’s user metrics tracking ability lets you gain actionable insights into your customer’s behaviors, for example, response rates, click-through-rates (CTR), and message opening rates. By leveraging this data, marketers can create campaigns that connect better with their consumers.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: mobile push notifications can significantly help drive customer conversions. Why is this so? PushAd’s notifications can be personalized depending on consumer preferences, behaviors, and action triggers. With mobile push notifications, you stand to benefit from increased conversion rates with personalization accountable for a 3% to 6% jump in some cases.
  • Mobile App Linking: with PushAd, you can embed links to your messages that redirect your users to a specific function within your mobile app. In turn, this lets you initiate desired actions from your users leading to increased conversions.
  • Engage App Users with Customized Push Notifications: various research studies indicate that personalized customer communications result in high returns than non-personalized communications.
  • PushAd’s segmentation ability and dynamic personalization tokens let you engage app users with high value and personalized notifications.
  • Instantly Engage With Your Audience: by using PushAd, you are assured of instant delivery of notifications to your users. Push delivered notifications provide you with a constant ad-driven communication channel without requiring a connection to the network with your consumers. Given that, PushAd is a network agnostic platform with significant advantages over SMS marketing.
  • Enjoy Cost Savings: with PushAd’s mobile notifications, you have access to a cost-effective communication channel in contrast to email and SMS marketing.  For example, you can push 1 million messages for a $1 fee using third-party service providers. In this way, you can initiate conversions with minimal expenses.

PushAd Cons

  • Loading of virtual maps takes a long time though data is present. In turn, this requires that more than 50,000 subscribers subscribe to an individual plan.
  • Various browsers fail to fully support PushAd embedded videos and images. However, it is a limitation on these browsers capabilities rather than on PushAd.

PushAd Features

  • A/B testing Analytics
  • API API availability
  • Campaign segmentation Contextual targeting
  • Campaign tracking Access control
  • Device targeting Expiry notifications
  • Click on tracking Customer experience management
  • Geo-targeting Mobile notifications
  • Notification scheduling Visual notifications
  • Web notifications

PushAd Marketing Reviews

Review One: A tool that provides marketers with new opportunities, with it you can create new communication channels using WebPush notifications for use as an e-newsletter alternative. PushAd offers various Marketing Automation solutions for easy integration with a majority of existing CRM platforms.

Review Two: An effective tool for increasing conversions and sales. Provides multidimensional segmentation based on automatic tagging.

Using PushAd

PushAd offers web notifications capability on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. This extension lets you post clickable pop-ups on your subscribers’ tablets or desktops, even when not connected or using a browser. You need to have Chrome 44, Safari 10.0.2, Opera 42, and Firefox 44 or newer versions to display PushAd notifications. Subscribed customers receive PushAd notifications that can help reattract them yo your site. All Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome, and Android devices can receive these updates.

How to Start Pushing PushAd Notifications

Remember that with PushAd you do not need to integrate anything to start sending push notifications. Neither is any specialized programming knowledge required. PushAd is a readymade tool that lest you do so within 5 minutes. It is extremely easy, so why not consider using PushAd on your website! Read on to find out how to do so.

Step 1: Copy and Paste PushAd Code

Initially, you need to register with PushAd to receive your unique code. Copy and paste this code into the HEAD section of your site. PushAd technicians will verify that you have done so correctly.

Step 2: Attract your Subscribers

After pasting your code, a banner is displayed to your users encouraging them to subscribe to PushAd notifications. To do so, they only have to click on a single button and they are set!

Step 3: Send PushAd Notifications

Now you are ready to begin sending notifications to your subscribers. Sent notifications are linked to a URL that you specify. And that is all there is to setting up PushAd.

Benefits of PushAd

In the fast-paced world of digital technology and science, traditional marketing approaches are declining even though A&P costs are rising. The PushAd platform lets businesses bridge the gap between increasing costs and efficiency. Besides that, PushAd connects entrepreneurs and consumers in a two-way relationship that benefits both parties.

PushAd’s ecosystem has two components. One, you enjoy flexibility in choosing an A&P strategy within the PushAd’s ad ecosystem. Next, subscribe members can select which ads to push to the five major social networking platforms. In turn, this lets businesses distributed ad content in a cheap, convenient, and cost-effective manner. By doing so, PushAd members also earn ad-pushing revenue.

PushAd Benefits to Members

Ability to leverage the app’s broad range of features such as direct links to promotional items, order placing, meme signup, report generation and interest registration. As a merchant, you get to enjoy the ability of specialized targeting practices that let you disseminate ads to specific demographics-age, gender, geographical regions and more.

PushAd Benefits to Users

Apart from revenue generation, the app’s social media circles can take part in PushAd’s Lucky Draws. Lucky Draw prizes include Mobile and IT devices, A Pair of Return Air Ticket and Cash Vouchers among others. PushAd will launch its app in March 2018, so be on the lookout for this event!

PushAd’s Outstanding Features

Configuration simplicity and transparency

PushAd’s developers paid special attention to the apps user-friendliness. As a result, they created a simple to use app that can be configured without the need for advanced technological know-how or assistance. With PushAd, users can do the following of their own:
Design banner prompting users to subscribe to a business’ push notifications channel.
Create messages for sending o subscribers.
Create collections of subscribers depending on interest.
Send push notifications, review analytics, and compare the effectiveness of campaigns.

Access to PushAd’s Notification Wizard

Ability to preview how your notifications will look on all browsing platforms (Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). While doing so you can:
Customize media embedded for specific notifications.
Edit and format your notification content.
Target an address while hiding tracking codes at the same time.
Implement UTM codes.

Simplify access to the most crucial information

PushAd ensures that you have access to the most mission-critical information when you need. During a campaign, businesses can acquire information such as the number of your subscribers, efficiency metrics, and new subscribers for push notifications. With PushAd, this information is delivered in timely manner form the general to the specific.
Use of graphs to visually present user-generated data
Comparative analytics of all of the campaign’s activities
Ability to export collected data into an Excel CSV file

Latest PushAd Features

Recently, the PushAd development team added a host of new features that include:

  • A message wizard
  • Increased support for desktop and mobile browsers by 73%
  • A transparent dashboard for reviewing delivered messages and subscriber numbers
  • The sending of push notification containing links to abandoned carts or forms
  • Alpha and Beta testing of subscriber notifications and banners
  • Delivery  time management functionality
  • Ability to copy send messages and their delivery statuses for resending
  • Incorporation of data analysis functionality

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